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Pearl Jam: "Just Breathe" and "Unthought Known" (Live on SNL) (Video)


Julian Casablancas may have provided the major talking point of this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, but there was a also the small matter of an appearance by grunge legends Pearl Jam. The band is still out there promoting last year’s Backspacer album, and performed two tracks from the record.


Pearl Jam also appeared on a sketch on the show, which NBC’s lawyers have done their best to remove from the Internet at time of writing. These video clips might not last much longer so grab them while you can, especially if you want to see what a sensitive soul Eddie Vedder becomes on “Just Breathe” (even if he does resemble Russell Crowe more and more with each passing day).


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Pearl Jam

“Just Breathe” is one of the sweetest, soulfulest songs I've heard on SNL. I'm going out and get the album which it's on. Sad to say, it will be the first I've ever bought by Pearl Jam. But now I'm on track. Thanks.

Don Bates

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