“Part of Me” (Live on Carson Daly) (Video)

    "Part of Me" is perhaps the saddest track on Chris Cornell’s absolutely sad Timbaland-produced disaster,



    because Cornell is forced to say lines like "that bitch ain’t a part of me" like he’s always been a bad ass rapper (or at least a bad ass R&B singer). He has not. Cornell performed on Last Call with Carson Daly for

    the second night in a row

    last night, opting to perform "Part of Me" with a band full of guys who look like they’re waiting for calls to be in on hair metal reunion tours (Seriously, what’s the deal with all the mugging and leaning on each other? Are you guys in Warrant?). This, ladies and gentleman, is what happens when you’re so desperate for solo success that you’re willing to listen to guy (Timbaland) who clearly has absolutely no idea why you were considered good in the first place.