“Paralyze” (Video)

    In March 2012, Choir of Young Believers released their second LP, Rhine Gold, but only now have they decided to dabble into the music video realm. And what a way to make a splash into the medium! The Danish ensemble take their art very seriously – from the high concept of Rhine Gold (referencing the first part of Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelunge opera) to choosing the album’s longest (10:14) and the most metamorphic track, “Paralyze”, to make their visual statement. Shot in the Copenhagen’s trendy meatpacking district, director Anders Malmberg’s sculptural live shots created in a slaughterhouse, interweaves with illustrations from Signe Lupnov to forge an optical experience that fissures the boundaries between the painting, sculpture, and film. Can we have another Nordic Prize nomination for COYB for “Paralyze” music video please?

    Watch “Paralyze” presented by NOWNESS:

    COYB captivated their homeland with their debut, This Is for the White in Your Eyes. I discovered them last year with Rhine Gold, which impressed me with its familiarity breeding experimentation, making it to my top albums list of 2012. Maybe now, you’ll also spare some time to discover this gem of a band from one of the most progressive countries in the world.

    Just had to show you this live performance of the heart-wrenching “Next Summer” from This Is for the White in Your Eyes.