“Paradise City” ft. Fergie and Cypress Hill (Stream)

    Slash is in the process of completing a new solo album, but the first single, released as a Japan-only exclusive, has hit the net hard. Actually, scratch that; the horrible b-side, which features Cypress Hill and Fergie reinterpreting “Paradise City” has hit the net pretty hard. It’s hit as hard almost as hard as it sucks, and that’s pretty impressive. This sounds like it was concocted for the end credits of a movie starring Dane Cook about Carlos Mencia and his bank-robbing hijinks that featured cameo roles from Shia Labeouf and Jeff Dunham and was written by Michael Bay. I have a feeling Mike Myers would also be involved somehow. Ugh, this is the worst here, guys. Give me Soulja Boy any day over this here stuff. [RS]