“Paradise Circus”

    Last week, Massive Attack and Burial revealed the B-side to their limited 12″ single, which features two tracks with a running time of 24 minutes total. Whereas that track, “4 Walls,” was a brand-new recording from the two acts, the A-side is a reworking of “Paradise Circus” off Massive Attack’s 2010 album, Heligoland.

    It’s been expanded from five minutes to nearly 12-and-a-half minutes, which means Hope Sandoval’s angelic vocals are spread out considerably through pitch shifts and other manipulations. They’re still complementary to the music, though said music is now a slow-rolling wave of swirling noise and crackles, low-lying bass thuds, and screwed instrumentation. Yeah, you’re going to need to just stream the track below. [FACT]