“Paradise” (3:33 Remix – Prefix Premiere)

    Rather than take on one of G-Side’s more recent tracks from, say, this year’s The One…Cohesive, mysterious producers 3:33 have taken on one of the Huntsville, Ala.’s first crossover hits. “Paradise” stems from the duo’s 2009 mixtape, Huntsville International, with DJ Burn One. It’s a track that showcased just why folks compare G-Side’s ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova to Outkast. Like their Atlanta peers, these guys expertly blend clever braggadocio and cutting social commentary. 

    And while the original version of “Paradise” was appropriately optimistic lyrically and musically, 3:33 figured they’d take it in a wholly different direction on their remix. The soulful vocal samples and upbeat pace have been replaced by murky electronics and tribal percussion. The production is now haunting and is slowly builds into surges of ambient noise. If you ever wanted to hear what G-Side would sound like submerged in grimy pond water with fog creeping over it, this will certainly do the job.

    You can stream and download the remix below. 3:33’s new album, Live From the Grove, drops Nov. 1 while G-Side’s Island is due out Nov. 11.

    G-Side: “Paradise” (3:33 Official Remix – Prefix Premiere) by prefixmag