“Paparazzi” (Video)

    It looks like Lady Gaga is going to indulge her debauched impulses now she’s a bona fide pop star. This video for “Paparazzi” is a lavish effort, and begins with close to three minutes of buildup, during which Gaga is seduced and thrown off a balcony by an unsightly rogue (played by Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård).

    It’s a wonderfully decadent clip, full of odd twists and turns that demonstrate why she is one of the brightest stars to hit the pop world in eons. Just check out Gaga performing the song in a wheelchair and then on crutches, no doubt urged on by director Jonas Åkerlund, who helmed the controversial clip for the Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up.”

     “Paparazzi” is reminiscent of the magnificently indulgent Duran Duran videos of the ‘80s, and proves that Gaga is one of the most compelling stars of her era. This clip is a perfect cross between her art world and mainstream impulses, and backs up her recent claims of not being like “all the other perfect little pop singers” on the planet. Lady Gaga is a breed apart.