“Paparazzi” and Interview (Live on GMTV) (Video)

    Lady Gaga is clearly having a great time now she’s reached the level of fame her outré antics deserve. Here, she wears lace bunny ears and a veil while being interviewed by a baffled presenter on a daytime talk show in England. Gaga keeps it clean while speaking on such a mainstream show, saving her X-rated material for shows that air later in the evening (see below for her “I do have a really big donkey dick” comment).


    She follows the interview with a live, piano-led performance of “Paparazzi.” Naturally, it’s every bit as wonderful as her recent boobs-exploding festival shows, albeit a little more subdued. Gaga is joined by her usual troupe of dancers for the song, who flounce around her piano before joining her center-stage for the song’s glorious finale.