“Panic Switch” (MP3)

    Silversun Pickups became unlikely rock heroes in 2006 when their ’90s alternative mess of a debut album, Carnavas, found an audience thanks to single "Lazy Eye" (which is, without question, one of the worst songs to play on Rock Band). The band have a new album out in April, and the first single, "Panic Switch" is out now. The song sounds Smashing Pumpkins-like (like everything Silversun Pickups have put out, essentially), and is, like "Lazy Eye," stretched out to an unnecessary length of nearly six minutes. There’s not a lot here that’s worth listening to that long–the feedback-heavy guitars barely change tones, and lead singer Brian Aubert’s vocals sound like he desperately needs a glass of water (and a pitch change).


    Silversun Pickups’ Swoon is due out on April 13 via Dangerbird. [Stereogum]