‘Pabst & Jazz’ (Mixtape)

    At first, Asher Roth’s Pabst & Jazz was deemed to be a mixtape. Then, as we edged closer to its release, someone said that it would actually be an EP that would be released on iTunes. But now that it’s finally here, it appears that the project is a mixtape after all and it can be yours for free. Pabst & Jazz is a 16-track affair that, aside from two tracks, is produced entirely by Chicago’s Blended Babies. It also features guest appearances from Action Bronson, ASAP Twelvy, Casey Veggies, Thurz, Phil Ade, and Pac Div, among others. If you were ever wondering why folks haven’t given up on Roth, this is the reason: dude can really rap when he’s not pandering to a mainstream audience. Find out for yourself by downloading the tape here.