“Own Thing” (Video)

    “I’m blessed to be in the ballot, amongst the rappers with talent,” raps 360 on “Own Thing,” taken from his recent debut EP, Everwhere and Back. He isn’t far wrong. The highly promising talent from Queens, New York (who we called the “next big artist” back in February, with good reason) gives his aforementioned track the visual enunciation, although it isn’t just boasts (regardless of how truthful they actually are) that are part of the script.

    In SNKNY’s clip below, 360 details the destructive attitude of the streets, while enforcing the message to do your “own thing”– a story portrayed through a young boxer who rejects the life suggested to him, and ultimately, avoids the punishing consequences.

    If you’re looking for more powerful and polished music, which includes a healthy dash of soul, like this, pick up 360’s Everywhere and Back EP for free here. Features include J. Cole, MeLa Machinko and Kid Moore.