“Overboard” (Prefix Premiere)

    For someone whose music is so mellow, Blackbird Blackbird, a.k.a. Mikey Maramag, has been producing tunes at what seems like an unreasonably frantic pace. In addition to his remixes of artists ranging from Cut Copy to Pavement, Maramag has already produced two LPs, Summer Heart and Halo, and a slew of self-released EPs and singles. All this might be a little much if the quality of Maramag’s output wasn’t so damn consistent, even if a fair amount of it is hard to qualify as essential.


    “Overboard” is the debut track from his upcoming full-length Erasers, and it’s a folksy, inviting slice of dreampop that doesn’t need to overstay its welcome to leave a warm impression. Despite the song’s gently intoned urgings to “go overboard,” Maramag’s resistance to indulge on this track represents a mature step forward for Blackbird Blackbird.


    Erasers is due out late this summer via Old Flame.


    Blackbird Blackbird: “Overboard” (Prefix Premiere) by prefixmag