“Out The Hood” (Video)

    Because dude does whatever he wants whenever he wants, Lil B has chosen not to push his newest project,  I’m Gay (I’m Happy), and instead looked back to his first Red Flame mixtape for his latest video. He’s also taken a break from the goofball shit of his most recent video, “Bill Bellamy,” to shed some light on his serious side. “Out the Hood” is Based God’s anthem for, in his words, “anyone who’s stuck out in the hood” and is trying to find a way out. But it’s also pretty clunky and not about to win over anyone who previously hated on his approach. But hasn’t that been the case with everything he’s released up to this point? While he’s definitely grown and matured over the past year or so, Lil B still isn’t going to impress traditional rap heads.


    [Rap Radar]