“Out on the Water” (MP3)

    “It Gets Your Body Movin'” was just one of the four great songs that made up Suckers eponymous debut EP, but now it’s getting the spotlight as the band gets set to release it in the UK as a single. That’s good news enough for our friends across the pond, but the single also includes a great b-side in “Out on the Water.” The track floats along in a dreamy waltz, at least most of the time. In the verses the last beat or two of the waltz gets cut, whipping a sing-songy melody into something more off-kilter and jarring.


    But as guitars echo out behind a powerful line of horns, it is the bracing vocals that carry the day. For just a second, this might make you wonder what the Doors would be like if they focused on guitar and were way more awesome. But mostly it’ll make you think that maybe Suckers are on to something that’ll keep them around, and us listening, for a while.


    The “It Gets Your Body Movin'” single is out Oct. 5. [Pitchfork]