Ottoman (Stream)

    It seems I can’t go more than seven minutes without being bombarded with advertising for Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, the new indie rock demographic-centered Michael Cera vehicle (aren’t all his movies indie rock demographic-centered?). Devo main man Mark Mothersbaugh helmed the soundtrack for the pic (which features the likes of Band of Horses, Devendra Banhart, Takka Takka, and Bishop Allen among others), and he was able to corral Vampire Weekend into the project via a new song by the Ivy Leaguers called “Ottoman.”


    The song features the same Peter Gabriel reference as “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa,” and is driven by bouncing bass lines, quick guitar riffs, and harpsichord vamps—basically, just like everything off of Vampire Weekend. You can listen to the track over at Stereogum.


    The soundtrack is out today, and here’s the full track list:
    01 Chris Bell: "Speed of Sound"
    02 Devendra Banhart: "Lover"
    03 Bishop Allen: "Middle Management"
    04 Vampire Weekend: "Ottoman"
    05 The Dead 60s: "Riot Radio"
    06 Takka Takka: "Fever"
    07 The Submarines: "Xavia"
    08 We Are Scientists: "After Hours"
    09 Band Of Horses: "Our Swords"
    10 Army Navy: "Silvery Sleds"
    11 Richard Hawley: "Baby You’re My Light"
    12 Shout Out Louds: "Very Loud"
    13 Paul Tiernan: "How To Say Goodbye"
    14 The Real Tuesday Weld: "Last Words"
    15 Mark Mothersbaugh: "Nick & Norah’s Theme"