“Options” (Live On Letterman) (Video)


    Occasionally you come across a group of Brits who dearly wish they had been on these shores. Yuck has been channeling a close approximation of ‘90s American alt. rock sounds for most of this year. But here comes Gomez, a band that has been pulling a similar trick in regard to jam band authenticity and swampy blues-oriented rock since Yuck were in high school. The new album by the group is titled Whatever’s on Your Mind, and “Options” was performed on Letterman last night (July 13) as a way of announcing that fact. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from Gomez at this point—this is a band that evolves at an incredibly slow pace and will never be critical darlings. File in the “solid but unspectacular” folder the band has been mired in for its entire career. [via The Audio Perv]