“Only Girl In The World” & “What’s My Name” (Live On SNL) (Video)


    The very handsome Jon Hamm hosted SNL this weekend, and his chin probably solved all the world’s problems and provided us with great laughter (I suspect). Rihanna was the musical guest, and the SNL people apparently extended the Kanye West option where Rihanna was able to perform in a set instead of just a stage, as she performed in a hangar-looking set with some seizure-inducing green screen stuff happening. “Only Girl In The World” is above, and it’s pretty serious; Rihanna’s icy voice apparently has some power, as she kinda crushes this. The guitar though? Could do with out that. “What’s My Name” is below, an it is not a Snoop Dogg cover/reference. Unfortunately. 



    Rihanna’s Loud is due out this week.