“Only Girl (In The World) (Rihanna Cover)” / “Daphny”

    Although art-pop band Xiu Xiu’s take on “Only Girl (In the World)” is being billed purely as a Rihanna cover, music nerds will also take note that it is indeed prefixed with a seriously warped sample of the Ting Ting’s only hit worth mentioning, “That’s Not My Name.” After that, Jamie Stewart and company turn in a disturbed, house-of-mirrors take on Rihanna’s lovelorn anthem, with Stewart breathlessly, anxiously spitting RiRi’s words over Owen Pallett-style strings and other overtly pretty melodic elements that they then subvert with silence, dissonance and other standard Xiu Xiu trickery. The Rihanna cover is part of a limited (1,000 copies) pressing 7″, the a-side of which is “Daphny.” Polyvinyl will be releasing that single come Sep. 6, and you can pre-order it here. Check out this link to listen to both tracks. [P4k]