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Oneohtrix Point Never: "Rubio" (Demo)

Daniel Lopatin didn’t waste any time in following up last year’s acclaimed Replica under his Oneohtrix Point Never guise. He’s issued a demo of a track titled “Rubio,” apparently named after NBA rookie Ricky Rubio. This continues the strain of playful ambient sounds Loptain has gradually evolved over the years, with some Fairlight-esque stabs of keyboard surfacing midway through “Rubio,” stretched out over a bed of balmy synth textures. It’s a subtle advancement of the sound of Replica, continuing his fascination with the lighter side of cut-up electronics of an ‘80s vintage. This isn’t far off being his “Moments In Love” if he decides to develop it further. Check out “Rubio” in the clip below. [via CoS]

Rubio demo by Oneohtrix Point Never

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Oneohtrix Point Never

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