“On The Moon (Together)” (Prefix Premiere)

    Ezequiel de la Parra, the man behind Los Jardines de Bruselas, takes dream-pop to a whole new level. The 24-year-old Argentinian bedroom producer literally finds inspirations in dreams to create music, and the result is lush, shimmering soundscapes and hazy, metaphorical lyrics.

    The young musician is gearing up to release his sophomore album, Light and Glow, on September 28, and today we are happy to premiere the record’s second single, “On The Moon (Together).”

    This track begins with warbling synthesizers, echoing guitars and simple percussion as de la Parra confesses “I can only find you when I’m sleepin’ / I can only see you when I’m dreamin’,” as he transports his listener to an otherworldly atmosphere.

    Listen to Los Jardines De Bruselas’ “On The Moon (Together)” below.