“Oh My Gosh” f. Will.I.Am

    Now that “Little Freak” has become something of a hit, Usher’s Raymond vs. Raymond might be actually coming out, finally. It was delayed again last month, and is now reportedly coming out on March 30. That one hit isn’t good enough for his label though; They’re releasing “Oh My Gosh,” which features Will.I.Am, as a single as well. It doesn’t come close to matching the filthy heights of “Little Freak,” but the sports arena chanting thing hasn’t been done this well since the ’90s when Jock Jams were enormous. Though I don’t understand why “gosh” replaces “god” here; it’s not like its 1954. You can say “god” on the radio, as far as I know. It would be better if they had edited Will.I.Am out instead. Listen to the song here