“Oh My” F. Trey Songz, Tity Boi & Big Sean (Remix)

    DJ Drama released “Oh My” as a single earlier this year and, for some, it was a disappointment. Most of that disappointment was steeped in the fact that Roscoe Dash sounded terrible on the hook. That monotone delivery might work sometimes, but it wasn’t cutting it on “Oh My.” What sucked is that guests Wiz Khalifa and Fabolous were definitely more than serviceable on the party jam, particularly Khalifa. But a bad hook can ruin almost any track. So how do you fix that? You release a remix, of course, and make sure you find someone who can actually sing. In this case, Drama found Trey Songz, who does his best R. Kelly impression and then switches to rapper mode for portions of his verse. It works, though, and so do the verses from Tity Boi and Big Sean, even if their rhymes are kind of corny.


    Third Power drops Aug. 30. You can stream the “Oh My” remix below.



    [Rap Radar]