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Odd Future: "Sandwitches" f. Diddy & Lil B (Live At Fader Fiat Fort) (Video)


So sorry to everyone who wasn't at SXSW last week: You're probably going to be bombarded with SXSW-related music news/videos for at least the next two days. It's an inevitably. Yuck haven't had time to put out a new video, or whatever. So...



That Lil B show me and publisher Dave Park both got sick of waiting for--it was the closing act at the Fader Fort by Fiat--was apparently a mess, as Lil B went on for more than an hour and a half. That would have made it my longest show at SXSW by a wide margin and probably everyone else's too (by contrast, the longest show I saw was TV on the Radio's set at Stubbs, and that was only 45 minutes). But the show ended properly: With a surprise appearance from Diddy and Odd Future to perform "Sandwitches." You can watch the video above, along with a break in the middle as Tyler threatens to beat up whoever beaned him with a beer can. Lil B and Diddy wisely stick to the back of the stage to avoid the melee. It was hysteria. It was Wolf Gang. 

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Odd Future

love the chaos. love the energy.

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Looks cool.
Backing track is WHACK tho.


lulz, the Yuck bashing has been pretty pervasive/great during all da prefix's SXSW coverage...


Yeah, I do not like them, at all. Seriously, thanks for reading all the stuff H0gy.

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