‘Now Or Neva’ (Mixtape)

    The wait to hear Mobb Deep’s upcoming EP, Black Cocaine, just got a little bit easier, goon rap fans. Equally rugged hip-hop duo L.E.P. Bogus Boys, who hail from Chicago, have just released their latest project, Now or Neva. In case you’re wondering about the Mobb Deep connection, they appear on mixtape highlight “Gangstaz Only.”

    Elsewhere, the Bogus Boys do their best to hurt some rappers’ feelings on “Streets Talkin'” and then they make their own version of hip-hop horror music on “Amerikkka’s Worst Nightmare.” No, it’s not horrorcore, but it wouldn’t sound out of place on a slasher flick’s soundtrack. If you’re at all looking to destroy your speakers with some crushing bass or just love some good ol’ Mafioso rap, you can download Now or Neva here. Watch the video for “Gangstaz Only” below.