“Now I Understand” F. Erykah Badu, Biz Markie & Siri

    Last week brought with it some of the more interesting collaborations of the new year when we learned (and heard previews of) the Flaming Lips’ tracks with Erykah Badu, Bon Iver, and Ke$ha. While the jury will remain completely out on what the last set of recordings would sound like, we’re more than curious to hear some final, full material from the Flaming Lips with Badu and Bon Iver.

    And today, out of nowhere, we’re hearing at least one of the tracks Wayne Coyne and his tripped-out band recorded with Badu. It’s “Now I Understand,” which also features Biz Markie and software assistant Siri. Yes, you read that correctly: Siri. The track is also apparently in reverse — I don’t really hear how that would work — and will only be available for a week so get listenin’ ASAP. Stream the track below. [CoS]