“Nothing Comes From Nothing” (Prefix Premiere)

    Today marks the fourth and final Friday in a row on which we premiere a new song from Rioux. The Brooklyn-based electronic artist began with a beautiful Bjork collaboration, “Unison.” From there, he released “RIP,” a song for a friend, and “Party Monster,” a remix of fellow Brooklynites Beast Make Bomb. Each new song has brought us deeper into Rioux’s  upcoming RE: You EP, whose fifth song you’ll have to listen for when the full work drops.

    But for now, the fourth premiere: “Nothing Comes From Nothing,” the most flowery thing the producer has released yet. From the looped guitar plucks to the insistently light percussion, Rioux seems ready to channel springtime. This track even smells like a sunshower.

    Although it is pretty, the music is decentralized and without a distinct melodic leader. The vocal sample repeats, “I hope you feel the same,” and it’s the only piece of the song that isn’t present for the track’s entirety, with the exception of some textural overlay. “Nothing” drags a bit at six and a half minutes. And while it could be indicitive of some season–maybe a season where things begin to bloom–the song remains quietly bent on not evolving.

    But perhaps that’s the point: “Nothing Comes From Nothing,” even “Everything Comes From Something,” are more fitting titles  here than “Something Comes From Something.” So he wins points for choosing the right ambiguity to suit his music. You can stream and download Rioux‘s latest below, and look for RE: You to drop March 23.