“Nothing But Our Love” (Video)


    Is there a worse contemporary band name out there than Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.? Sure, oOoOO might give the band a run for its money in the bad-band-name stakes, or pretty much any of the artists listed in this chucklesome ILM thread about the monikers adopted by terrible chillwave groups, but it’s likely that the members of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. will settle into what-the-fuck-were-we-thinking mode as they gain greater notoriety.


    And gaining greater notoriety is a definite possibility for this band, which may be surprisingly considering that their awfulness doesn’t just stop at naming the group, but also includes labeling a section of their website “Let’s be online BFFs.” Yes, “Nothing But Our Love” really isn’t bad at all, being a sweetly melancholy four-minute pop song full of nicely wonky (but not wonky) electronics and heavily falsettoed yearning. “Don’t try so hard,” they sing—if only they’d taken their own advice when trying to come up with an appropriate nom de plume for the band.


    [via Pitchfork]