“Not Coming Back”

    Earlier today Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear shared a previously unreleased song via twitter entitled “Not Coming Back.” According to Pitchfork, the track dates back to January 2011 around the same period when Grizzly Bear were writing and recording the EP songs.

    Rossen describes the song as “not exactly finished, the lyric is rough, but I still enjoy what it is and eventually this song led to other tunes on the EP and on Shields that I’m happy with. It’s a wintery New York song to me, it reminds me of home. And at this particular moment I miss home, and I feel like I should be there after all that’s happened recently. So there it is.”

    You’ll certainly recognize the genetics of Shields in the track, which turns over themes of loss, distance and memory – all preoccupations that surface again in the full length album. “You lost your mind, I was miles away,” the song begins at this point of exile and wanders a tender sort of landscape. For all the finality and loss in this song, seems we got lucky that Rossen returned to it today. Listen below via SoundCloud.