‘Nostalgia, Ultra’ (Album)

    As some of you sit around playing “Yonkers” again and again to get ready for Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats’ appearance tonight on Jimmy Fallon, we’re going to distract you with an album from fellow Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All member Frank Ocean. Just be prepared, it’s nothing like you have heard from the group before.


    There are familiarities here, what with some of the simplistic, gritty production and profanity. But did anyone think we would ever hear someone from OFWGKTA singing over a Coldplay sample? Well, that’s exactly what happens here on Ocean’s free album, Nostalgia, Ultra. It’s easily the smoothest project from this crew to date, though those two Jet Age of Tomorrow records come close. Ocean has some vocal chops, folks, and he’s further proving that not everyone in OFWGKTA wants to stab Bruno Mars, act like a member of the Black Panthers, get super-high, etc…


    Download Nostalgia, Ultra below.