“No Particular One”

    Nearly a year ago, a leak of Theophilus London’s cover of “Calypso Blues” by Nat King Cole began appeared online seemingly out of nowhere. And it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal had it not displayed such a different style for the Brooklynite, who traded in his ’80s-centric approach for something much more retro. But it worked, which London no doubt realized. He then recently reached into his vaults to let us know he has more of those types of tracks lying around, such as this great cover of John Boone’s “Particular One.” According to Hypetrak, who premiered the track, we should be hearing more rarities like this in the days leading up to the release of London’s proper debut, Timez Are Weird These Days.


    You can stream/download the track below. London’s Timez Are Weird These Days drops July 19.


    Theophilus London – No Particular One (Hypetrak Exclusive) by Hypetrak