“No Mercy” f. The-Dream & Tricky

    Your appreciation for the title track of T.I.’s newest album depends a lot on your opinion of the jail time he’s currently serving. Think the criminal justice system is unfairly trying to make an example of a popular rapper? This will sound like the call of a martyr begrudgingly accepting his fate. Think that people on probation who get caught with drugs ought to serve some time? This track will ring pretty hollow.

    In all, it’s a pretty radio-friendly bit of semi-repentance. Tip hooks up with The-Dream and trip-hop maven Tricky to offer a melodramatic single that sounds a little too self-assured to be sincerely humble. He’s tried to redeem himself multiple times (remember, say, T.I.’s Road to Redemption?), but it doesn’t seem to be sticking. Until it does, Clifford Harris may want to adopt a new attitude.



    No Mercy is out Tuesday.