“No Hands” (Video)

    While we don’t mind when Yelawolf gets more radio-friendly on joints like “I Just Wanna Party” and “Hard White (Up In The Club),” we tend to prefer his more menacing, aggressive material. So it’s with that in mind that we’re pretty happy to hear that “No Hands,” his latest Radioactive single, is a hard-edged, brooding banger. It’s also got some super-sharp visuals inspired by video game Driver San Francisco, which means you get plenty of slick footage of the Bay Area. Yela spends a majority of the video driving around in a ride resembling the Driver car and rapping in an alley by himself. It’s pretty ill and all, but we just wish the track wasn’t censored. Oh well, maybe the explicit version will hit the web soon. Cross your fingers, y’all.

    Yelawolf’s proper debut, Radioactive, drops Oct. 25 on Shady Records.