“No Cities”

    As many of you Will Wiesenfeld fans are likely aware, he has two pretty damn different music projects going on right now. When he isn’t recording melodic, beat-driven joints as Baths, he crafts droning, ambient pieces as Geotic. And pretty soon, he will be heading out on a tour where he’ll play sets under both names, perhaps as a way to let us all know that, yes, Baths might be buzzing, but Geotic is pretty great, too. Here, he’s provided a preview of his live set with the new track “No Cities,” a sprawling piece that is so soothing that the adjective soothing doesn’t really even sum up how you’ll feel while listening to it.


    You can stream the track here and watch a preview video of the tour below. Check out the dates, which feature Dntel and the One AM Radio, here.