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No Age: "Depletion" (Live On Greek TV) (Video)

No Age, and their tour mustaches, were on Greek TV yesterday, playing their "Depletion" in a studio that looks an awful lot like the ones at MTV in the 1990s. Maybe that's the way pop culture works in Greece: They're 20 years behind, but they have those awesome camera moves where they go over the band. I'm not sure what show this was on, but it has to be pretty cool: They had No Age on to do this ripping single.


No Age's Everything In Between is out now. 

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No Age

The show is called Radio Arvyla - kinda means rumour mill/grapevine and 'arvyla' being the military boot - and it is basically four hilarious guys who are very close friends beyond the realm of a TV show commenting on current news and events. One of them is a music journalist with a massive legacy on Greek tv and radio. I probably should mention that Gregg Dulli with the Twilight Singers graced the very same studio a few weeks back.

As for the whole 20-years-behind-pop-culture - er, I don't think so. Rather, a no-pretenses, very much so rock and roll show as we live in rock and roll times ;-). \m/

Zoe Charaktinou

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