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Nite Funk: "Am I Gonna Make It" (MP3)

This is really the type of musical idiosyncracy that track hypes wait for all day, spending hours in front of the monitors hitting "refresh" on their blogs/websites of choice. "Am I Gonna Make It," from Nite Funk, the incredibly natural pairing of Nite Jewel and Dam Funk, is the type of 80s synth funk that you love, but the kids at the club are too lame to dance to because it's not a Kings of Leon remix. Hopefully Nite Funk can keep up the groove. [GVSB]

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Nite Funk

Great stuff. I saw Dam Funk DJ before Animal Collective played this summer. I spent most of his set watching a kid on E vomiting.

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I'm a bit conflicted on my rating for this. It's incredibly well-done, I just dunno if this is the kind of revival I'm looking for. Oh well.

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