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Nicki Minaj: "Roman's Revenge" f. Eminem

From the perspective of someone who's frustrated with the poppier tracks Nicki Minaj has released lately, "Roman's Revenge" appeared to be the cut off Pink Friday to appeal to hip-hop heads. The main reason for that is the appearance of Eminem, who joined Minaj on here to showcase the whole alter ego thing. The result is, well, kind of bizarre, though that's to be expected, I suppose. Ms. Young Money recalls her scatterbrained, accent-heavy delivery while Em channels the Slim Shady of old (and of recent, in terms of Relapse) over a frantic Swizz Beatz production.


You can stream "Roman's Revenge" below. Pink Friday drops Nov. 22.




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Nicki Minaj

My favorite so far from Pink Friday

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I love you nicki minaj.

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