“New York” (King Krule Rework)

    Genre-bending London wunderkind Archy Marshall, who’s better known as King Krule, is hard at work off the heels of his self-titled debut EP last year on True Panther. Recently, the 18-year-old songwriter/producer reworked Brooklyn rapper Angel Haze’s relatively sparse, hand-clap-propelled “New York.” Marshall endows the track with familiar flourishes: he brings the song into his comfortable mid-tempo range, loses the hand claps, pitch-shifts the chorus and underpins the track with melancholic, atmospheric synth. While it molds the original’s tense, frantic vibe into a slightly more mellow and contemplative cut, Haze’s aggressive flow is still the track’s centerpiece.

    Marshall is also at work on some material of his own. Two weeks ago, he released a AA-side single on Rinse Records, as well as accomplished the unimaginable teenaged task of waking up for a 10 a.m. DJ set at Rinse. 

    Listen to King Krule’s version of “New York” below: