“New Year’s Eve” f. Marty James

    Is this Snoop’s way to super-jump the gun on the upcoming holiday season? I mean, with the release of this track he’s basically becoming the CVS of hip-hop. Hell, I doubt even that store has gotten ready for New Year’s Eve already. But hey, Snoop and guest vocalist Marty James, who tackles the smooth hook, are ready to celebrate. But, I must wonder, does the Dogg ever stop finding a reason to pop some champagne and “have a good day and make it a great night?” I doubt it. Anyway, I can hear this getting some serious burn in the coming months, so get ready for repetitive synths and drums to get stuck in your brain. Oh, and here’s to Dec. 31. I guess.


    You can download the dirty version of “New Year’s Eve” by going here.