“Walk On By” (Video)

    Swedish pop miss, El Perro Del Mar (Sarah Assbring), has decidedly leaped decades with her forthcoming album, Pale Fire, if the first single is any indication. The once offbeat “girl group” devotee channels the smoothest grooves of the late-80s/early-90s with “Walk On By,” a chill blend of downtempo pop and ambiguously exotic lounge sounds. Likewise, the video is straight up old-school MTV (when MTV actually played music videos, as Gen-Xers are fond of reminiscing), for its DIY aesthetic–fluorescent color palette, abstract swirling images, slightly grainy quality. Even Assbring, clad in an oversized shirt and modeling Gwen Stefani-meets-Annie Lennox platinum blonde hair, looks the part.

    The video was directed by fellow Scandinavians, Frode & Marcus. Pale Fire drops Nov. 13 in the U.S.