“New Dawn Fades” (Joy Division Cover)

    Joy Division’s “New Dawn Fades” has gotten a few different treatments over the years: For the mid-90s De Niro-Pacino vehicle Heat, Moby indulged the post-punk track to a sleazy solo, while John Frusciante reframed it as an acoustic number on a solo tour. Thankfully, Ghostly International’s The Sight Below takes a different approach. Collaborating with Tiny Vipers singer, Jesy Fortino, and shoegaze vet, Simon Scott, the Seattle-based multi-instrumentalist strips the rhythm section altogether, until all that remains is Ian Curtis’ bleak melody disappearing into a wall of reverb. “New Dawn Fades” appears on The Sight Below’s sophomore release, It Falls Apart, slated to drop on April 6.  Listen to it at Pitchfork.


    Best Joy Division cover ever? I can’t think of one, in recent memory, that compares. [Pitchfork]