New Album Teaser (Video)


    It’s been well over three years since Anthony Gonzalez gave us the ’80s time capsule known as Saturdays=Youth, his last full-length LP under the M83 moniker (not counting his film score for Black Heaven from last year). 


    Now, after indulging his new-wave/synth-pop fetish, Gonzalez appears to be returning to the lush, transcendent ambience he so wonderfully explored on M83’s 2003 breakthough, Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts. This 90-second teaser that was just posted on the M83 site doesn’t offer much besides the audio-visual experience, but it could make for a hell of an intro to a Discovery Channel or Nat Geo special. Nonetheless, consider us excited for what just might be an “epic double-album” this fall.