“Never Understand” (The Jesus And Mary Chain Cover)

    Way back in 1985, seminal noise-pop outfit the Jesus and Mary Chain began making waves with “Never Understand.” It was the first single from the Scottish band’s debut, Psychocandy, and would of course find its way lodged into our brains. Now, some 26 years later, fellow noise poppers Asobi Seksu have decided to record their own version of “Never Understand” in the studio after performing it live for several years.

    As you might expect, it’s absolutely spot on with the only (and obvious) difference coming in the vocals. I mean, did we really expect monotone singing from sugary sweet Asobi Seksu frontwoman Yuki Chikudate? Stream the cover below. For reference, the original can be found on YouTube. [A Heart Is A Spade]