“Never Tear Us Apart” (INXS Cover)

    The critical rehabilitation of INXS continues with a cover of “Never Tear Us Apart” by the Twilight Sad, which follows Beck’s full album cover of Kick in 2010. The band claims this version has been recorded as a seasonal gift to its fans, and it can be downloaded for free via this link. It’s a typically downbeat interpretation of the track, as you might expect from the Twilight Sad, with singer James Graham letting his voice rise and fall as the song progresses.

    But why cover INXS? The band explains it was recorded as part of a competition to cover some ‘80s songs. But there’s also another reason: “It’s the 10th anniversary of one of our favourite films “Donnie Darko” and this song is on the soundtrack. I remember being 16/17 and in high school when it came out and loving everything about it. The soundtrack as well as the original score was pretty amazing and it introduced me to some bands which are now my favourite artists of all time.” [via AHIAS]