“Never Gonna Take Us Out” f. Ceschi (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    The Fake Four label has been pushing the boundaries of hip-hop (and other genres, too) for a little while now with notable acts such as Dark Time Sunshine, Blue Sky Black Death, Awol One, and Factor. And those last two have been in the studio again recently putting together their third collaborative album, The Landmark. Just as their previous efforts have offered shits in sound and style, this one features Awol depicting a harsh reality with his lyrics over Factor’s melodic, yet raw, production.


    Proving that point perfectly is their latest single, “Never Gonna Take Us Out,” which here is complemented by a riveting animated video by Plastic Horse. The United Kingdom artist collective has put together a set of visuals that follows, almost line by line, exactly what Awol spits over Factor’s layers of guitars, thick bass, and rough, unpolished drums.


    So you essentially get to see it all, albeit in its animated form, when the MC provides gripping storytelling that finds him challenging and one-upping those who tried to electrocute his bath, confuse his brain with twisted math, and hang him from a tree, among other things. “You’re too weak to swing that axe/you can’t kill me, you’ve met your match,” Awol proclaims as you watch his enemy trip and kill himself. You then get another glimpse of Fake Four label head Ceschi, who provides the hook with a sinister grin before he and Awol set their sights on the sky above.


    The Landmark is due out Feb. 22.