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Netherfriends: Sex Beat feat. Chandler London

Netherfriends is a rolling stone, is always on top of things, and continuing to release more and more music. After a failed rooftop experiment, Shawn Rosenblatt (Netherfriends) released on a improvisational, instrumental album, titled Kind of Buzzed (influenced by Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis and "All You Need Is Love" by that one band called The Beatles). Now, he's singing for the first time since "Uptown Boys" on a completely new project. 

Netherfriends Goes West is a sample-based project, lifting Kanye West songs exclusively. The beat, lifted from "Everything I Am" turns into a super-chill, groovy beat that allows Netherfriends and Chandler London to turn it onto a tale-esque jam. Netherfriends exudes a humorous, but personal tone while Chandler London's honest rap opens up at the end to impress. The hook is deadly - as in, it will pull you in and submerge you underwater to drown you. Lethally delicious, you'll find yourself bobbing your head and singing along by the third or fourth listen. 

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