“Neon Freedom” (Video)

    Love him or loathe him, RiFF RaFF is unlike any other artist music–let alone hip-hop–has ever seen. Even on Diplo’s Mad Decent label, which houses other eccentrics like Bonde Do Role, Po Po and Zebra Katz, Jody Highroller stands out like a white dude with beaded braids (oh, wait).

    While his latest music video, “Neon Freedom” (a cover of Major Lazer’s “Get Free”) is a rather standard rap affair–y’know, a cushty studio stocked with fine females and an expensive ride–RiFF RaFF still manages to place his spin of, erm, individuality on it all. I’m pretty sure he also breaks the record for the most number of wardrobe changes in one music video.

    You can watch the clip for “Neon Freedom” below.