“Need Some Bad”

    For starters, this new Slick Rick track features production by DJ Premier, and it’s the first time that these two legends have worked together. Not surprising enough? “Need Some Bad” gets its retail release on the soundtrack to Jonah Hill’s new flick, The Sitter, which boasts appearances by other old school dudes like The Jungle Brothers, 2 Live Crew, Blahzay Blahzay and The Sugarhill Gang. Alongside those names are Cults, Kreayshawn and Raphael Saadiq.

    On “Bad,” Slick the Ruler employs his signature storytelling and rhymes so consistently that it just feels like he’s talking to you. The beat is kind of quirky for Premier, but it fits Rick’s style well. The madness of needing it bad is sparked by the opening lines: “Are you peepin’ this floozie? Oh please excuse me/ Can’t believe how many times I had to eat the chick’s sushi.” Stream “Need Some Bad” below. [2DBZ]

    Photo by Chris Carr