“Native Speaker” (Born Gold Remix – Prefix Premiere)

    Braids’ full-length debut, Native Speaker, remains one of our highest-rated and favorite releases of the year. But in the age of the Internet, an album that dropped in January seems like it’s been around forever. So to both breathe some new life into one of the record’s best tracks and remind us to give it a few more spins, Cecil Frena, aka Born Gold, is here with a thumping remix of Native Speaker‘s title track.

    The artist formerly known as Gobble Gobble pulls “Native Speaker” out of the clouds and thrusts it right onto the dance floor. The original’s psych-leaning dreamy qualities are all but eradicated for something made for booty-shaking and glow sticks. Like a true remix should, it retains elements of what we heard on Native Speaker while pushing it into a completely different, highly engaging direction. You can stream and download the remix below.

    Braids: “Native Speaker” (Born Gold Remix – Prefix Premiere) by prefixmag