“Na Na Nana Na Na” (Video)

    Is there even such a thing as a Jim Jones fan? I mean the guy has been beating the same dead horse pretty much since he dropped–shouting really annoying hooks, holding down the most boring member position in the most boring posse, and making self-indulgent videos, which find him tossing money and jewels around, that illustrate that the only thing remotely interesting about him is that he has a lot of money, and you, hater, do not. Sure, I could see someone being tricked into liking the guy post-"We Fly High" since that song was literally everywhere (I heard it when getting my wisdom teeth pulled out and my dentist hummed along), but liking the guy now is evident of a self-hating streak.



    "Na Na Nana Na Na" is Jones’ latest entry into the rap canon, and it is, quite predictably, pretty awful. The hook is partially about trying to take pictures of women’s rear ends (he’s a poet) and partially a taunt about how much money Jim Jones makes (a lot, since he’s a poet). The rest of the time, Jones drops rote lyrics about not talking on cell phones because a cop may be listening and how feds are taking pictures of him (see the third through fifth seasons of The Wire to discover where Jones lifted that idea from, since he’s too busy throwing cash in the air to come up with his own ideas), and lines up some pretty limp sports metaphors.


    "Na Na Nana Na Na" is on Jom Jones’ upcoming Pray IV Reign, which is due out on March 24. [Nahright]