“Mysterons” (Portishead Cover) (Video)

    B-sides to singles typically go one of two ways. You either get a pretty rad track on the opposite side of the single or you get a cover of one of the acts favorite tunes. In the case of Pollyn’s “How Small We Are,” we get the latter. The experimental three-piece has taken on Portishead’s “Mysterons,” an interesting choice given the fact Pollyn sounds inspired by the U.K.-based electronic music greats. But what better way to show your appreciation for a group than to cover them, right? Not only that, but Pollyn’s version of “Mysterons” is pretty great, as is their video that’s filled with hypnotic, well-timed lighting. It’s simplistic, but the details are what make it superb.

    The “How Small We Are” single is out now. Pollyn’s new album, Living In Patterns, drops Oct. 4.